Data packages

Our range should cover most needs both in Norway and abroad

Data packages

You can buy data when you top-up your prepaid SIM, on My pages or via SMS (withdrawn from your account balance or stored bank card).

With our data packages you get Rollover data og Roam like Home.

Size of data packagePriceSMS code wordTo number
1 GB79 kr
3 GB149 kr
6 GB219 kr
10 GB299 kr
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Expected data speed is 100 mbit/s. Speed varies with coverage and other conditions.

MyCall prepaid and MultiZone/EU+ bank card

Our data packages are valid for 30 days in Norway and EU from top-up. Multiple data packets can be charged simultaneously, then the last data packet that is charged determines the 30 days duration.

Do you have MultiZone or EU+ invoice?

When you order a data package via SMS then your data package will be automatically renewed each month. The extra data package will be added to the data included in your subscription.

To stop the automatic renewal: send "STOPMB" til 06160