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Have you lost or forgotten your PIN or PUK code?
Log in to Min side, or contact customer service.

Change your PIN code 
How you change your PIN code depends on what kind of mobile phone you use. Check the owners manual for your mobile. We recomend that you change your PIN code when you start using your SIM card.

Entered the wrong PIN code
If you have entered the wrong PIN code 3 times, you will need to enter your PUK code to reopen your mobile. Your PUK code is availabe on My pages. After entering your PUK code, you will be asked to enter a new PIN code twice. 

Error message while entering PIN code
Your mobile could be locked to your previous mobile provider. Please contact them to have the lock removed.
You can check your account balance and usage in the following ways: 

- Log in to My pages
- Send SMS with code word SALDO to 06160
Have you received a replacement-SIM, and need to activate it? Do it yourself on My pages. It's quick and easy! 
Change subscription inside My pages. Do it yourself - it's quick and easy!
Two monthly fees 
As a new customer, you pay the subscription fee both for the month you became a customer, and for the coming month. This means that if, for example, you have ordered the subscription on the 15th of the month, you will see only half the monthly fee on the invoice. You also get only half of the included call minutes, SMS / MMS and data. 

After the first invoice you get only one monthly subscription fee per invoice.

Invoice amount is higher than monthly fee
The reason for this is usually the use of services that are not included in the monthly subscription:

- Calls to special numbers (eg. 5-digit numbers)
- Content Services (such as parking fees or voting by SMS)
- Used more than what is included in your mobile plan
- Use of phone abroad

See page two of the invoice for the full explanation of mobile usage. You can also view call details on My Pages.
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You could get a quicker response by calling customer service on 06160 or try our chat solution here.
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