Rollover Data

Don't lose what you don't use - you've paid for it!


What is Rollover Data

Rollover Data lets you roll over unused data to the next month, for as long as you want. It's included in all our plans. 

What is Rollover Data

EU+/Multizone prepaid customers must renew their subscription before it expires to get Rollover Data. 

How does Rollover Data work?

rollover data is activated automatically

It's activated automatically

Rollover Data save as long as you want

Save for as long as you want!

Rollover Data save as much as included in your plan

You can save as much data as included in your plan.

Example: You have a subscription with 1 GB data included and you only use 500 MB this month. The unused data of 500 MB rolls over to the next month. It means you will have 1 GB + 500 MB data to use  the following month. If you do not use any of the 1,5 GB data, you can only roll over 1 GB to the next month. You can roll over maximum the same amount of data as you have in your subscription. This applies for both datapackages and data included in your subscription that is unused.

 Can I Rollover Data-Packages?

  • EU+/MultiZone customers with invoice will get their data packages rolled over automatically
  • EU+/MultiZone customers with a banking card must renew their plan before end-date to get rollover data transferred

  • EU+/MultiZone customers with plans bought in stores must renew their plan before end date to get rollover data transferred

  • OPS! You can maximum roll over the same amount as you have included in your subscription. This applies for both unused datapackages and unused data from your subscription in total.    

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NB! Rollover Data does not apply when downgrading to prepaid.